In the News and on the Radio

Money in Your Pocket

Money in Your Pocket is a segment that Rick provides to local news channel 9 (9WSYR).  Every Monday morning at 6:45 Rick is live with the morning news anchors and provides suggestions on savings and investments. 

He can also be seen daily in Money in Your Pocket Minute.  These are minute long video clips where Rick provides suggestions on things like checking your credit score, savings bonds, business news and much more.

Click Here to see the list of his latest videos.


Street Cents

Street Cents is the Morning News stock market game for students.  Teachers sign up their classes and are given a fictitious $100,000 to buy stocks with.  The earning and losses are tracked on a weekly basis and the standing are updated on New Channel 9's website.  We had over 75 teams participate this last time.  You can view the current Street Cents contest by going to this link:



 You can also tune your radio to AM 570 every Monday morning at 7:20 to hear Rick talk about different financial topics.