About Us

Reagan Companies Asset Management, Inc. is dedicated to providing a professional, high level of service that utilizes the latest in technology and client management to serve the needs of our clients.

Specializing in high-net worth portfolios as well as large, corporate 401(k) plans, we have developed a system of client contact, portfolio design and on-going review that we feel is unique and provides our clients with a level of service that is unlike anything they have experienced.

We have over 80 years of combined investment industry experience and three Certified Financial Planners on staff.  We have a team that is dedicated to researching and monitoring portfolios and the markets. Every year we commit resources to obtaining independent research from companies such as Morningstar, The Lipper Group and The Foundation for Fiduciary Studies. The idea is to be able to screen investments effectively and then cross-test our results with all of our resources to help us analyze the data. We have another team that is dedicated to managing our clients and their experience with us.   We recently invested in a cutting edge, financial client management system. This new system makes us much more efficient in being able to manage your money and contact you proactively with changes that should be made.

Our Corporate Investment Management division's sole responsibility is to the supervision and administration of corporate 401(k) and pension retirement plans. We utilize a similar unique process for servicing these accounts we call the Reagan 401k IDEAL. By using this system we are able to effectively inform a Plan Trustee if they have met their Fiduciary obligations, the demographics of their plan participants and if they are investing accordingly, among many other plan details. Our 401(k) enroller travels to client locations to meet with employees and give plan updates.

As you can see, we pride ourselves in putting to work the best technology and services for a company, or an individual, and providing unparalleled communication and service long after we initially began working with them. The results of these efforts are reflected in the length of the relationships we have with our clients. We are proud of our track record and reputation and fully intend to extend it as we continue to grow.