Getting You There.....the process

Getting You There  is our unique investment process that is tailored around your financial goals and achieving them.  Goals may be funding a comfortable retirement, buying a vacation house or endowing your favorite charity.  Whatever the goal, we look  to where you  want to end up, and then design a detailed, systematic, and ongoing approach built around “Getting You There”.


1. Initial information received and entered into our Financial Snap-Shot System

  • With the information from the Snap-Shot we are able to ask more productive questions at our first meeting and learn all about you
  • After you become a client we regularly update the information and the plan

2. Investment Blueprint

  • Using information gathered prior to and during our first meeting we get right to work using  all of the tools necessary to create your Blueprint
  • Investment Blueprint lays out our goals and actions
  • Getting You There – we discuss this system and how it works

3. Proactive Investment Monitoring

  • Regularly Scheduled Reviews
  • Ongoing Independent Analysis
  • Watch Lists